Lawrence Lamb, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder

Lawrence Lamb, Ph.D. is our co-founder and has served as our Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer since January 2019 and as the Chair of our Scientific Advisory Board since December 2017. From April 2004 to December 2018, Dr. Lamb was a Professor of Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, or UAB, specializing in transplantation immunology, and also served as the Director of the UAB Cell Therapy Laboratory in the Bone Marrow Transplant and Cellular Therapy department. Prior to that, from 1995 to 2000, he served as an Assistant Professor of Medicine from 2000 to 2004 and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Dr. Lamb currently serves on several national and international committees related to cell and gene therapy. Dr. Lamb completed postdoctoral fellowships in Molecular Genetics from University of South Carolina-Columbia and Transplantation Immunology from the South Carolina Cancer Center. He also received a Ph.D. and an M.S. from University of South Carolina-Columbia and a B.S. from Medical College of Georgia.