November 27, 2023

Harnessing The Power Of Gamma-Delta T Cells In Cancer Therapy: IN8bio's Innovative Approach

Why Are Gamma-Delta T Cells Important In Fighting Cancer?
Gamma-delta T cells belong to a unique group of immune cells that have qualities of both the innate and adaptive immune systems. They have a complex set of receptors that allow them to differentiate between healthy and cancerous cells. Their multifunctional nature enables them to directly kill cancer cells and activate other immune cells to destroy tumors. What makes gamma-delta T cells particularly promising is that they can eliminate cancer cells without prior exposure to a specific antigen. This means they can trigger a more comprehensive immune response, making them valuable candidates for both solid and hematological cancer therapies. Gamma-delta T cells are also more durable than other innate immune cells like Natural Killer (NK) cells, which have shown to be less effective in clinical trials because of lack of persistence.